BORTAC Members during Katrina in New Orleans

Border Patrol Tactical Unit is a emergency tactical unit of the Border Patrol. Their job is to respond to terrorist threats anywhere in the world to protect our nations homeland. They also work much with the DEA to work in the war on drugs.

Mission and JobsEdit

Their mission is to protect the nation by suppressing any terrorist threats they get assigned to by Homeland security. Also they are involed with the war on drugs and smuggling especially on the border, and they work closely with the Drug Enforcment Agency.


Their uniforms are usually desert camoflauge military suits, OG-107 with kevlar bullet proof vests and pads. They are also issued issued with ballistic helmets or tan caps along with tactical gogles for eye protection, plus military style boots. Their flight suit are sage green jumpsuits with usual procedure gear.


The following weapons are used by this division:

  • S&W .40
  • P2000
  • Remington 700
  • UMP45
  • M4 Carbine
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • SSG
  • M40
  • M76 Grenadier
  • M203 Grenadier
  • 37mm Gas Gun


  • All AT Vehicles and Cruisers
  • Armored Truck
  • RBS Defender
  • All UAVs
  • All Helicopters

Training NeccesaryEdit

The following tasks are necessary to complete training for the BORTAC squad:

  • Minimum of three years in the BP service
  • Have to pass 90% of physical training
  • Pass an oral interview
  • Succsesfully complete BORTAC course
  • First Aid and CPR
  • K-9 Traning
  • Tactical Training
  • Be able to deploy whenever needed
  • Make a proper application

Also completion of the five week training course is necessary to become a member. Your screening process needs to be complete to make sure all of your documents are offical and requirments are met to join this elite group.


  • Operation Snowcap
  • Operation Reunion
  • Operations involving Counter Neurotics
  • Tacticial Relief Operations: Katrina, Haiti Earthquake, etc.

Base of OperationsEdit

The BORTAC unit travels around the world most of the time but while waiting for deployment hey are stationed at Biggs Army Airfield in El Paso.