Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue unit is specialized and highly capable of responding to emergencies to assist the Border Patrol units. This division are also trained medically to respond as an EMS squad, and as a search and rescue team.

Mission and JobsEdit

This unit works as a EMS unit, Search and Rescue unit and air and water operations. They are trained to handle any emergency and respond as quick as possible. If border agents need extra support they are called in to stop immigration and crime on the boarder. Also if needed they can respond anywhere in the country on a moments notice.


The uniforms are alike to the BORTAC uniforms, although the are slightly different. Their uniforms are OG-107's, but when the BORSTAR responds to emergencies, the tempature could be blazing in the desert, so their uniforms are able to keep the agent as cool as possible. They ussually wear gloves to start a medical procedure or for search and rescue. Most of the time they are wearing hats so they can do what they need to do without anything getting in their eyes, also tactical glasses and boots are worn as well.


Since weapons are not really needed for their jobs, they are usually standard pistols such as:

  • P2000
  • S&W .40
  • Magnum .357


  • All AT Vehicles and Cruisers
  • UH-60 BlackHawk
  • RBS Defender

Required TrainingEdit

After completing the basic academy, the have to complete the following:

  • High physical standards
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • Basic Search and Rescue
  • Refresher training on all terrain vehicles
  • Training in marine and air vehicle operating
  • Land and air navigation
  • Swiftwater rescue
  • Communications training
  • K-9 Handling
  • Technical rescue


They conduct many rescue operations, but no specific operations.