Two agents on the skids of a MD 600 during training

Whether a helicoter is needed for a rescue or a pick-up, or whether a plane is called to detect immigrants or help a rescue mission, on group is in charge, The Air Mobile Unit. they help other divisions do their job and the regular officers for immigration detection and capture. This unit is trained and skilled for anything that needs attention.

Missions and JobsEdit

The Air Mobile Unit helps all the divisions in different ways because of the advantage of being in the sky. They assist BORTAC and BORSTAR in drop-offs and search and rescue if needed. Due to their advantage of owning the sky, they see things other officers can't, so they assist officers in detceting immigrants. Also, for the safety of the homeland, even though the coast guard has helicopters, if they need air support, the border patrol is called in.


Their uniforms change for different operations, but field officers and pilots usually have OG-107 suit with kevlar body padding just if they are engaged. Other acsessories are their boots, gogles, and helmets, while airborne they are equipped with harnesses for their own safety. Hooks and ropes are also attached to their belts when airborne or on a mission.


Since they might be needed for a variety of operations they use the. . .

  • S&W .40
  • P2000
  • UMP45
  • M40
  • M4A1
  • M4 Carbine


  • UH-60 Black Hawk
  • Standard Air Combat Attack Helicopter

    UH-60 Black Hawk

  • MD600
  • Eurocopter AS350
  • UH-1 Huey
  • MQ-9 Reaper UAV
  • Elbit Hermes UAV
  • Lockheed P-3
  • Beechraft Super King Air

Required TrainingEdit

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Standard Helicopter Drop-out
  • Standard Helicopter Piloting
  • Standard Plane Piloting
  • Tactical Procedures
  • Air navigation
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • Technical Rescue
  • Standard physical course


This unit does no specific operations unless asked to do so by the military or U.S Homeland Security which isn't very often.